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Diane Whalley

Diane Whalley has original artworks for sale with Wychwood Art in their art gallery and online. Diane Whalley has been creating and designing since childhood across a number of disciplines, but more recently turned to abstract painting, mainly in acrylics, sometimes with oil pastel and charcoal detailing. Her paintings, which can be immense and immersive, are often a mix of layered muted colours with splashes of brighter shades, using abstract images and ethereal, painterly swathes resulting in fresh, light and sometimes delicate compositions. Through the layering of paint can be glimpsed the under painting of images and detailing.  But sometimes, Diane goes bold with stronger hues and naïve forms. She paints intuitively from the imagination and personal reflections. ‘I start with a thought ... an idea ... an emotion ... an image and the picture evolves and emerges as I work. Firstly, I select my palette and then I paint in gestural strokes and washes. The resultant piece can sometimes appear by accident. I am a self-taught artist with a love of fresh, pure colour and simple forms. I hope to evoke the viewer’s creative mind as well as my artworks complementing the settings in which they are displayed. I love the unusual and the unusual often features in my work.’ Her childhood in scenic, rural Shropshire first inspired her interest in art. She then went on to study Graphic Art and Design in Liverpool. Upon graduating with a BA honours she worked with the media, but was soon pursued for a career in public relations in the West Midlands and Warwickshire. For a year she opted out with a move to Penzance in Cornwall where she re-established her creative instincts, but was, too quickly, drawn back to Warwickshire and the Cotswolds due to work commitments. It was only after becoming a mum to two daughters that she returned properly to her love of art and design, choosing at first to work with textiles producing and selling quirky and colourful pictures. By this time she had moved to rural Kent in the SE of England, but while there tragedy struck her family and she was propelled onto a new path with her daughters back in Cornwall, this time to the charming and ancient port of Fowey. It was here that she learnt to sail with spells in the Mediterranean, taking in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and many of its islands. This period greatly influenced her abstract paintings of today … full of vibrancy, experimentation and expressionism. In 2016, living just on the outskirts of Fowey and surrounded by AONB countryside and a stone’s throw from the picturesque coast of Cornwall, with much encouragement Diane established her garden studio and contemporary gallery continuing to develop her skills with inspiration from her Cornwall surroundings. Over the years her artworks have been exhibited in Kent, Warwickshire and Cornwall and she has taken part in the Cornwall Open Studios week. Diane’s artworks can be found in private collections in Paris, Dublin, Australia, South Africa and across the UK. To discuss any art works or to commission art by Diane Whalley, please contact Deborah Allan on deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

Artworks from Diane Whalley

Diane Whalley Sandcastles Wychwood Art
Diane Whalley Setting Out Wychwood Art
Setting Out