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Affordable Art – What Does It Mean In 2019?

Affordable art is a phrase that has a different meaning depending on whether you are in the art
industry or not. To normal art buyers, affordable art can mean original or limited edition art up to
£500. However the art industry defines it differently.

If you are attending, for example, the affordable art fair which shows all over the world the word
“affordable art” can mean anything from £100-£6,000 and this upper limit is actually not so
affordable. However at auction houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams and Philip’s their
sales start at around £1,000 and there is no limit on the upper end but you have to remember at
auction houses there is always a buyer’s premium which is added on the hammer price to every
single purchase and is around 25%. At Wychwood Art Gallery art works start at £20 and the
upper end goes up to around £10,000 however there are an array of carefully selected artworks at
all different price points to suite everyone’s budget.

Part of Wychwood Art Gallery’s stand at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London
Part of Wychwood Art Gallery’s stand at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London

The affordable art fair is a great place to start your in person search for art as at each art fair there
are around 100 different galleries from all over the world exhibiting in pop up marquees for around
5 days in different cities. Each gallery has been vetted to attend the art fair bring with them a
selection of artists to sell at the art fair and shoe on their own stand. The good news is the gallery
owners attend these art fairs so you are getting the best person to speak to about the works of art
at the art fair.

From an art buyers perspective it is like a dream as you are able to walk around an interesting,
relaxed and fun environment viewing a lot of art in a small space of time rather than visiting lots of
different galleries over a long period of time. Also visiting some art galleries can be off putting as
there are some that are unwelcoming and stuffy. ( This is not the case with Wychwood Art who are
warm and inviting!)

Whilst at the art fairs I would suggest photographing your favourite artists and then either
selecting and purchasing an artwork or artworks you would like there and then or waiting and
visiting the gallery or looking at the works online. Once you have selected the works you like
speak to the art dealer and discuss with them their thoughts on the artist as they may also be able
to suggest other artist’s you might like.

For any free advice and help with selecting artworks please email
( Wychwood Art offer over 300 carefully selected artists taking the hard work away for you and
making it possible for you to buy art under one roof. Most art galleries that have a physical gallery
only offer up to 30 artists.)

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