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Oxford and Oxfordshire has a thriving contemporary art scene. Wychwood Art started working with artists in Oxfordshire where the company is based. We have a very strong collection of artists from the county including, Judith Yarrow, Jenny Balmer, Anya Simmons, Jane Peart, Elaine Kazimierczuk,  Jemma Powell, Emma Levine, Rupert Aker and Jessica Leighton amongst others. Wychwood Art is also proud to have a close association with Oxfordshire Art Weeks and supports and shows artists during Artweeks although this year we are not showing but we are always open and showing up to 15 local Oxfordshire artists at any one time.. We hope you enjoy looking at the works of art produced here in Oxfordshire!

Buster by Polly Gibbs

Approaching Iona by Judith Yarrow Approaching Iona by Judith YarrowRadcliffe Camera, Oxford

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