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Adam Hennessey

Discover original paintings by Adam Hennessey with Wychwood Art. Adam Hennessey is based in London and shows at the other art fair. A thread that connects all of Adam Hennessey's work is his continued use of black Berol marker pens. He experiments with this simple material to create complex textures. This part of his practice is like a science, experimenting under controlled conditions, collecting samples, varying dilution strengths and temperatures to get new results. The ink in a black Berol pen is a mixture of different coloured inks, all stored and waiting to be unlocked by the addition of water, a process called Chromatography. For Adam the way the black ink contains all these other colours is an example of a storage system and a metaphor for the storage of memories in our brains. Adam Hennessey lives and works in London and studied Fine Art Painting at Brighton University. To discuss any works by Adam Hennessey please contact deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 01869 338155 / 07799 535765.