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Anne Storno art for sale online in limited edition screen prints prints with free delivery internationally. Anne Storno surreal screenprints are colourful and vibrant offering affordable art for sale. Anne Storno says: "I am a printmaker and mixed media artist based in London. I rely on photography, drawing, paint and collage to explore the world around me. In my artworks, images are combined, removed from their original narrative context and reconfigured into a new scenario. Some of my works are based on collages, transformed into a hand made screen print. I appreciate the messiness of sticky glue, soggy paper and the unpredictable nature of the final product. I am interested in working on the boundaries between collage and technology. My visual language embraces the brightness of Pop art. I like the screen printing media because it is no longer confined to a simple impression on paper, it offers artists a way to experiment and fail, to test colour relationships and play with ideas. Often appropriating visual themes and incorporating these as printed motifs, I adopt a playful approach in my practice. Inspiration is found in my surroundings: colours, lines, shapes and patterns that can be found in cities, design and fashion and try to find humour in day to day life. ​I am inspired also by pets and their special place in our family life." To discuss any of Anne Storno's limited edition prints, please contact Deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 01869 338 155 / 07799 535 765.

Artworks from Anne Storno

AnneStorno_Up2_screenprint_4-x52cm_2019_edition of 20_£130
Anne Storno_Crowning glory_ Screenprinting_50 X50cm_Edition of 10_£100_2016_6
Crowning glory
Water Baby
Anne Storno_London Stride_Edition of 14_Screenprinting_58x 39cm_£200_small size
London Stride
anne storno balloons
London pride vsmall
London Pride
Anne Storno_Easy rider_screenprinting_edition of 15_ v2
Easy Rider
Anne Storno_The space dive_40x30cm_screenprinting_edition of 10
The Space Dive
Anne Storno_All aboard_edition of 10_Screenprinting_18X23cm_small size image
All Aboard
Anne Storno_Space hikking_screeprinting_edition of 15_50X50cm_small size image
Space Hiking
Anne Storno_Aquarium_Edition of 14_Screenprinting_50 X50 cm_small size image
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