Christine Wilkinson

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Christine Wilkinson

Discover works about by Christine Wilkinson available to buy online and in our art gallery in Deddington. Christine Wilkinson art work starts from photographs that capture a fleeting moment when light and colour become shape and form - sunlight shimmering iridescent in a blue room, shadows on a pavement or headlights bouncing off a wet road. Artist Christine Wilkinson comments "The best way to describe my process is that I start with an image of light on which I make marks. Each of these marks enables me to control shape, tone, contrast and luminosity, almost like a form of drawing, creating exciting possibilities. I become completely absorbed in this exploration. One thing leads to another, and during the process I reach a point where I encounter something unexpected that gives me the feeling I was searching for from the start. I know then that the image is complete. My work has been exhibited in the UK, USA and China and is also in collections in Belgium, the Netherlands and Indonesia. I studied art at London College of Printing and postgraduate filmmaking at Middlesex University." To discuss any of Christine Wilkinson's limited edition contemporary prints and large art works that can be produced onto Acrylic backing board making it an ideal art work for the office or lobby please contact or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

Artworks from Christine Wilkinson

Pink haze