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Anne Doyle

Anne Farrall Doyle's paintings are available for sale online with Wychwood Art. Anne Doyle was born & educated in Cheshire. After studying @ Stockport College of Art, she worked first in an Advertising Agency in Manchester & then as a free-lance Illustrator with a top London agent. During this time she built up a formidable reputation as a figurative and fashion Artist working for many high profile clients worldwide. Living now in Pembrokeshire her working world is necessarily a solitary one, albeit she has the company of her many cats & dogs, music plays an important part in her background Mozart to Jarrett to Coltrane. As an acclaimed figurative artist Anne creates ethereal and softly sensual paintings. In her distinctive artworks we have a shared experience, she shows us through the use of harmonious colour & careful composition fleeting moments of beauty. Soft shadows, rich fabrics, glowing tints of flesh & formation. The essential relationships of light & shadow, accents of colour and simplification of form are key elements in which they carry a mood & the possibility of a story in which the viewer can share dreams & memories of wonder & love.

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