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Daisy Clarke

Daisy Clarke has original, traditional paintings online for sale with Wychwood Art Gallery. Daisy Clarke is an artist living and working in London. She studied at Royal college MA 2006-2008. She has been drawing a painting from as early as she can remember which grew many inspirations for her paintings along with the books she would read, in her painting she expresses this. Daisy Clarke's work depicts this paradox of traditional fairy tale that contain both idealistic and realistic life concepts. "The moment a fairy tale moves from dark to light, the sound of the wind through the pines, the sentience of animals, far beyond the edge of the clouds." To discuss any of Daisy Clarke's works, please contact Deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 01869 338155 / 07799 535765.

Artworks from Daisy Clarke

the Pheasant
Sale black swanWychwood Art
Black swans
£1,000.00 £975.00
Sale 1729396-VHDMOKUN-7
Coral necklace
£700.00 £550.00
Sale IMG_8999 2
£800.00 £700.00
Sale IMG_0824 2
Painted bunting
£325.00 £175.00
Sale IMG_0823
red headed parrot
£300.00 £175.00
Sale morning light_n
morning light
£600.00 £400.00
Sale IMG_8594
Rosy headed parrot
£200.00 £185.00
Sale IMG_8589
Bull finch
£200.00 £185.00
Sale IMG_8585
Pink Parrot
£200.00 £185.00
forest daisy clarke
Sale IMG_7784 2
£325.00 £300.00
Sale IMG_7785
Blue headed bird
£325.00 £300.00
Sale gold rain3
gold rain
£375.00 £300.00
Sale IMG_6738
Pink clouds
£800.00 £750.00
Sale IMG_5738
Emerald lake
£1,000.00 £750.00
fix me 3
Fix me
Sold IMG_5481
  • Eleanor-Woolley-_-Cotswold-poppies-_-Landscape-_-Impressionistic