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Eleanor Woolley

Eleanor Woolley studied Sculpture at Leeds University and graduated in 2001, and also qualified as a Cabinet maker and Restorer, making furniture for a number of years. She now concentrates on painting which has become her passion, painting in oils and taking inspiration from landscape and the human form. At the beginning of her process, Ellie takes many photos and then draws sketches from life, taking all of this into the workshop to develop a composition. She works quickly with outlines and bright colours first, then uses brushes and palate knives, often cutting back into the painting surface and redrawing - her paintings often have an impressionistic feel to them. 'I love to paint in situ, sometimes just stopping at the roadside to capture a beautiful landscape. Or sitting in the park sketching people chatting to their friends, I love to watch peoples body language, sometimes capturing those intimate moments.' To discuss any paintings by Ellie Woolley please call 07799 535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com.