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Emma de Polnay

Discover artworks by Emma de Polnay available to buy online and in our art gallery. Emma de Polnay was born in London. She now lives and works in Brighton, East Sussex as an artist, designer and MD of My Special PA - Bespoke PA Services for Creative Professionals. Emma studied art at Wimbledon Art School and did a degree in fine art at Kingston University, going on to do an MA in design for Film and Television. After working on set design for 10 years Emma rediscovered her passion for drawing and painting. Emma’s collection of figurative artworks on paper, have been created in a series of dynamic and intensive life drawing workshops. Emma combines naturally derived materials such as quills, reed pens, clay, chalk and ink with hot acrylic paint colours, glittery and iridescent mediums and found mixed media. She has also developed a series of mixed media abstract drawings and paintings using many of the drawing and mark making techniques she uses for her figurative pieces. To discuss works by Emma de Polnay please contact deborah@wychwoodart.com, or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

Artworks from Emma de Polnay

Papillon ii
EmmadePolnay_Figure_rising_62.5 x 50cm
Figure Rising
EmmadePolnay_AlysResting_FRAME65.5 x 55cm
Alys Resting