Hilary Kington

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Hilary Kington, artist - painter and printmaker, has artworks available online and in our gallery with Wychwood Art, Oxfordshire. As a wildlife artist, Hilary Kington is acutely aware of the number of species which are disappearing. Highlighting conservations issues is now an important part of her art. Hilary lives on the coast so has a particular love of wetlands and salt marshes. It is the wildlife of these habitats that feature largely. To tell the stories of these creatures and places Hilary Kington often inscribe messages into her hand printed woodcuts. Hilary notes: it is only when we know about the problems they face that we can play a part in protecting them. One of Hilary's great loves is the curlew. It is our most endangered bird and features in many of her paintings and prints. Hilary is an Ambassador for Curlew Action, a charity working hard to save the curlew from extinction. As such, her aim is to raise awareness of these iconic birds and their plight. Fascinated by salt marshes Hilary Kington has been recording the wildlife and views of these special places. Salt marsh is grassland regularly flooded by the tide made even more enchanting with its backdrop of birds and boats. It is an exciting and inspiring place endlessly altered by the influence of water, light and weather. Salt marsh is a very important habitat. Not only do salt marshes store more carbon than rain forests they are also a wildlife refuge for many creatures. What began as a couple of months of salt marsh sketching has turned into years of fascination with this habitat. The body of work continues to grow and has become a lifetime’s passion. Hilary states: My love of tidal landscapes first began when my husband and I worked together on a fishing boat. While I have long since exchanged fishing nets for sketchbooks I have never lost my passion for the sea and its wildlife. Hilary Kington was winner of The Artist Magazine Editor's Choice Award in the Wildlife Artist Exhibition of the Year 2021 for her woodcut: Curlew in the Estuary – but for how long?. This woodcut was selected in the Facing Extinction category in the 2021 annual exhibition organised by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. To discuss any of Hilary Kington's works for sale please call 07799535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com