Jane Hunter

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Artwork by contemporary artist Jane Hunter sold online and in our gallery at Wychwood Art. The process begins with Jane being outside in the landscape, mostly walking, sometimes swimming or paddling a kayak. She spends time finding out about the geology and shapes of the land, noticing the sounds and different lights. Jane builds relationships with people and place. All of these shapes, colours, emotions and experiences build an image in her mind, which she then translates to the canvas. Jane Hunter predominantly uses inks, fluid paints and water and then pours and moves colour around to stain raw canvas, creating organic flowing shapes. Her paintings are made up of many layers, each needing to dry overnight before the next can be laid down, which forces a slowness and thoughtfulness in the process, allowing time to consider the next move. Jane often works many paintings at one time, so my studio is pretty busy. Expressive marks and pattern come next using a mix of materials and guided by the unpredictable, sometimes chaotic nature of the fluid layers. Jane marks the lines of travel, sometimes bold and confident often more tentative and cautious, the movement of the breeze on water, the comfort of light and solid ground. Throughout this process she recalls her time in the landscape, each fluid layer, colour, line or pattern a remembered experience. Jane Hunter considers her work to fall into the genre of abstract expressionist. However, she would look at her work and see a map. Each painting becomes a "record of wanderings, of a sunset, a conversation, of hopes and fears.”