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Jill Campbell

Jill Campbell, artist, is available for sale online and in our art gallery at Wychwood Art. Jill is inspired by the landscape of the North East and most of her work is based on an ancient mining landscape called Cockfield Fell where she walks nearly every day. Her atmospheric paintings are a result of her exploration of the interplay between what is seen and what is felt about the landscape. She uses elements of what she sees and combines these with her imagination to create her paintings. She is fascinated by the Fell’s strange, other-worldly, abstract shapes defined by the morning shadows and framed by big dramatic skies. Its pools, pathways, mounds, dips and curves are her motifs. She decides which shapes and colours to play with, then draws and applies layers of paint, using loose gestural marks until she finds a balance and a painterly world emerges which celebrates this landscape. In 2014 Jill graduated from Sunderland University with a first class degree in fine art and has since exhibited throughout the UK, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Prize Exhibition, the Ferens Open and the New Light Art Prize. To discuss any of Jill Campbell's original paintings for sale please call 07799535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com

Artworks from Jill Campbell

Jill Campbell_Fell SkyLand 9_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell SkyLand 9
Jill Campbell_Fell SkyLand 2_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell SkyLand 2
Jill Campbell_Fell SkyLand 6_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell SkyLand 6
Jill Campbell_Fell August_Landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell August
Jill Campbell_Fell 11_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell 11
Jill Campbell_Fell 9_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell 9
Jill Campbell_Fell 13_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell 13
Jill Campbell_Fell 8_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell 8
Jill Campbell_Fell 5_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell 5
Sold Jill Campbell_Fell 4_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell 4
Jill Campbell_Fell 3_landscape_Wychwood Art
Fell 3
Jill Campbell_ Fell 1_ landscape _Wychwood Art
Fell 1
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