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Jon Rowland

Discover new paintings by Jon Rowland with Wychwood Art. Each work has been carefully selected by Deborah Allan our Chief Art Curator. Wychwood Art have exhibited Jon Rowland in London during a pop-up exhibition of theirs at the Darren Baker Gallery. Jon comments "I have exhibited in London and Oxford. My paintings have been displayed at the Royal Academy and at the Berthold and Darren Baker Gallery in London. I have also exhibited at Linacre and Green Colleges as part of group exhibitions, at the Borlase Gallery in Blewbury and Swann Gallery in Woodstock, and most recently had exhibitions at Canal Street Studios, the Said Business School and Wolfson College in Central Oxford. I work in mixed media based on acrylics. The themes of my paintings have emerged from trips to, among other locations, Venice, Scotland, Cuba and France. I work in series and much of my work is built around themes of rural landscapes most recently in the South West, Clovelly Beach in Sydney, and the exploration of detail – part of the ‘Portraying the Essence’ theme. Recently I have concentrated on landscapes and cityscapes exploring colour and space. My paintings are in private collections in the UK and elsewhere. There’s a story to every picture. “Painting is a journey. The picture takes on life of its own, sometimes going with your flow, sometimes challenging you. Chance and opportunity are the travelling companions; but the art is to know when the journey is complete.” If you would like to discus any works by Jon Rowland please contact Deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

Artworks from Jon Rowland

Heat Wave
Summer shadows
Tree of Life #1
Kerrera #4
IMG_3606- Kerrera3lowres
Kerrera #3