Karen Birchwood

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Karen Birchwood

Karen Birchwood, painter, is available for sale online and in our art gallery at Wychwood Art. Karen Birchwood’s paintings are a personal response and reflection, a memory of a place and time. Her paintings range from atmospheric coastal vistas and vibrant landscapes to colourful gardens and still life. Karen’s pictures evoke the colours of a season, often with a strong sense of movement and a fluid quality. More recent work has moved towards abstract mark making and a note of geometric patterning, her aim is to capture the essence of a subject. Karen’s background as a textile designer is very much evident in the way she uses her materials to create a piece of work. Working in acrylic, mixed media and collage either on canvas or paper, Karen starts a painting with washes of colour. She builds layers using mark making and textures whilst retaining some of the initial sweeping brush marks. To discuss any of Karen Birchwood's original paintings for sale please call 07799535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com

Artworks from Karen Birchwood

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