Libbi Gooch

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Libbi Gooch, painter, is available for sale online and in our art gallery at Wychwood Art. Libbi Gooch is self-taught, so her work is a very personal and instinctive response to the power of nature and the environment, the subsequent feelings evoked and the lingering memories. She works to music, which sets the tempo for the way she paints, confidently using tools including brushes, palette knives, fingers and rags. She regularly exhibits her work in London and at galleries throughout the UK including the Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries. “My work is less about reality and more about the remembered or imagined. It is an impression of the environment based on the emotion that the memory of being there conjures up. I work with immense energy and a sense of immediacy to try and commit those fleeting impressions to canvas. To discuss any of Libbi Gooch's original paintings for sale please call 07799535765 or email