Lita Narayan

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Lita Narayan

Lita Narayan, painter, is available for sale online and in our art gallery at Wychwood Art. Lita was born and still lives and works in the north of England. She did art at A’ level and then completed a foundation course at Bolton Art College, where her tutors encouraged her to study for a degree in fine art. However Lita did not follow that route straight away but went on to obtain a science degree in psychology and then a job in accountancy. The love of drawing and painting never quite got left behind though and Lita began to produce more and more artwork. Her paintings have sold for many years in local galleries and to local businesses. Lita’s work is inspired by many things: she particularly likes the perspective, angles, shadows and architecture of places that she has visited; mills and chimneys of the industrial north, the beautiful countryside near her home, fishing villages in Devon and Cornwall, and modern city and waterfront scenes which she turns into abstract pieces. Lita herself says that "a visual scene, or the atmosphere of a place, must 'move' me in some way; it is a right hemisphere thing and I find it hard to put it into words". After a serious illness in 2012 Lita reassessed her priorities and, although she still crunches the numbers on occasion, she paints as much as she can, and thoroughly enjoys it. To discuss any of Lita Narayan's original paintings for sale please call 07799535765 or email

Artworks from Lita Narayan

Serenity 131