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Lucy Powell

Lucy Powell, painter, is available for sale online and in our art gallery at Wychwood Art. After graduating from Wimbledon School of Art in 1985, and working as a representational artist most of my life I came to realise that I wanted to embrace uncertainty and to explore new challenges both with my painting and the intellectual thinking which underpinned it. I listened, looked, read and discussed my uncertainties, not abandoning the figurative world around me, but building on it. I pushed myself with every painting I did, interpreting the balance of nature that so inspires me, by exploring the qualities of paint, texture and composition; allowing the work to evolve instinctively as I searched for a way to express the beauty I experience in the natural rhythms of colour and light, and form and space. Now I no longer think of each work as an end in itself, but rather as a stepping stone to an inspiring, ever evolving journey of exploration and expression. I exhibit regularly at The Russell Gallery in London, The Montcrieff Bray Gallery in Sussex, The Rosvik Gallery in Wiltshire and Art Fairs in London and throughout the country. To discuss any of Lucy Powell's original paintings for sale please call 07799535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com