Miles Cole

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Miles Cole artwork available at Wychwood Art Gallery. Miles Coles is an abstract expressionist painter, he studied Fine Art at the Chelsea School of Art and Gloucester College of Art. Previously he has had a career as an illustrator before returning to painting. Miles Cole has said of his work “My work is rooted in the tradition of British and European post-war Modernism particularly abstract painting, drawing inspiration from various sources such as coastal landscape, the city and its architecture and geometric design. These are a catalyst for what then becomes a sensual engagement with the materials - deconstructing and reconstructing shapes into various compositions and textures until a point of departure from the subject matter has been reached.” Miles Cole available at Wychwood Art.

Artworks from Miles Cole

Blue Composition


Autumn Painting

Icelandic Night


Red Landscape

Penberth Cove

Out of the Night

Autumn Nocturne



Dalmatian View