Paula Cherry

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Paula Cherry

Paula Cherry artist paints original art and is available to buy at Wychwood Art online and in our gallery. I'm Paula Cherry, I hope to evoke happiness and joy through my artwork! My paintings are based on landscapes, both real and emotional. I love being outdoors, walking my dogs and immersing myself in nature! “Each painting is a process of discovery. I build on layer upon layer, adding texture and creating glimpses of hidden colour and pockets of curiosity." I often use my iPhone to photograph landscapes and observe the environment and nature around me, paying particular interest to the changing colours through the seasons and the morning and evening light. As an abstract artist, I enjoy experimenting with materials and techniques. I have developed a personal style, creating distinctive forms of composition, harmony and mood with an interest in the balance of colour, shape and their special relationship. I hope to express a rawness of emotion and bold application in each painting. Many of my paintings are created by a process of building up and scraping back layers of paint. I often pour liquid glazes onto the canvas which forces me to work quickly and spontaneously, with bold bright colours that infuse joy.  Born in Hertfordshire and a former fellow of Digswell Arts Trust, I have always painted. I studied art, photography, fashion and textiles, and worked in advertising for several years before refocusing my career on creating art. To discuss any of Paula Cherry's works, please contact or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

Artworks from Paula Cherry



Spring Life

Albury Fields