Piers Philo

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Piers Philo, artist, original artworks for sale with Wychwood Art in their art gallery and online. Piers studied Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire, graduating in 1985. Previously, he studied under the contemporary artist John Sprakes. John inspired Piers to explore form and texture, through imaginative use of light and colour. Painting mostly in oils, Piers enjoys the challenge of capturing light and shadow in their many different forms; refracted through glass, reflected onto texture or through a semi-transparent object. Floral still-lifes are a favourite subject, mainly due to the challenges they present. He is also inspired by seascapes and portraiture. Based in Lincolnshire, Piers also works in graphic design and photography, and is passionate about music, having played guitar since his early teens. Piers’s paintings and prints are currently available from this website, or from Decorative Country Living. To discuss any works by Piers Philo, please contact Deborah Allan on deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.