Rachel Mallalieu

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Rachel Mallalieu

Rachel Mallalieu, Royal Academy Summer exhibition artist is represented by Wychwood Art. Red Roof work is available along wiyth numerous other works by Rachel Mallalieu. Rachel comments - "I have had a love of photography for forty years, when as a child a family friend taught me the basics and I was hooked. I was initially an enthusiastic amateur but in 1999 qualified as a Photographer and my career began, whilst I also carried on a second career as a nurse and now an antique dealer! My work has been diverse and varied, from exhibitions to Artists’ Open Houses during the May festivals in Brighton and from portraiture to photojournalism. What is essential for me is to look for the beautiful and unusual in the everyday. Photography can often be about chance, being in the right place at the right time to see and capture magical moments with the press of a button. If you would like to discuss any of Rachel Mallalieu's photographs please call Deborah Allan on 07799 535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com.

Artworks from Rachel Mallalieu

Red Roof