Rick Kirby

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Rick Kirby is a sculptor born in Gillingham, Kent, in 1952. After sixteen years of being an art teacher, Rick gave up his profession to focus on creating his own works. Most of Rick Kirby's works are figurative, and are a reflection of his interest in the human face and form. He works mostly with steel - a material which he describes as having that 'whoom-factor' that is just not possible with other materials. “Steel released me”, he says. “It gave me the ability to go huge, a scale that just is not possible with stone.” It had what he called “a whoom-factor!” Steel has the propensity for huge, large-scale structures in a way that stone carving just cannot. For more information on Ricky Kirby sculptures and commissions, please contact Deborah Allan at deborah@wychwoodart.com or 01869338155/07799535765.

Artworks from Rick Kirby

Cloud Formation