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Roy's People

Discover new artworks of little people and miniature art by Roy's People. These humorous and thought provoking works are available online with Wychwood Art. Roy Tyson the artist behinf Roys People comments "I specialise in creating unique images and installations using miniature figures. Often I use everyday props and taxidermy to create a humorous scene designed to be fun and intriguing. All of the miniature figures are hand painted to give them personality and charm." To discuss any of these works please contact Deborah directly on 07799 535765.

Artworks from Roy's People

Roys People One Mans Trash Wychwood Art
One Mans Trash
Roy's People It's a Daisy Wychwood art
It’s a Daisy
Roy's People Lazy Day Wychwood art
Lazy Day
Roy's People Punctured Wychwood art
Roy's People CSI Wychwood art
London Life small
London Life
Great Britain small
Great Britain
Sold Harvest small