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Steve Shaw

New artworks by Steve Shaw are available to buy online and in our art gallery with Wychwood art. Since graduating in Fine Art from the University of Central England in 2003, Steve Shaw has quickly established a reputation for his playful and inspired wildlife and still life oils. In the process of creating a painting Steve employs two different techniques. He either uses brushes to generate a flat painted surface with a keen attention to detail or utilizes painting knives building up a textured surface with expressive strokes. Steve takes his inspiration from a wide range of wildlife and still life subjects. When painting animals his intention is to capture the spirit and unique character traits of each individual. Working from photographs, he immortalises a moment from their lives on canvas. “I perceive my artwork as a celebration of nature therefore I use monochrome backgrounds so the viewer’s attention is not distracted away from the animal depicted”. By using bright positive tones Steve retains a playful and humorous edge to his artwork, which reflects his own personality. “ When someone walks away from having viewed one of my works my aim is for them to have had a positive experience and in future pay a little more regard to nature “. To discuss any of Steve's works please call 07799 535765 or email

Artworks from Steve Shaw

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