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Trevor Banthorpe

Rooted in the convention of the amateur ‘holiday snap’, Trevor’s prints are a celebration of the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Tetsuya Noda, and Christiane Baumgartner, his work unites his interest in technology with a love of the ancient art of the woodblock print. All of Trevor’s woodblock prints start as a photograph taken on his mobile phone; the disposable nature of these images is central to his practice, for they are a mundane account of his encounters with the world around him. By uniting that which is available in an instant with the time consuming labour intensive process of the woodblock print, Trevor attempts to redress the imbalance of legacy and convenience that is inherent in today’s digital culture. His prints are a tangible record of his encounters with the world as he finds it, offering space for thought and contemplation in world of instant gratification. He studied at Sir John Cass School of Art, and lives in London. To discuss works by Trevor Banthorpe please contact deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 07799 535765.

Artworks from Trevor Banthorpe

Trevor Banthorpe, Palmhouse 7, Woodblock print, 60x45cm, £450
Palmhouse 3
Trevor Banthorpe, Palmhouse 1, Woodblock print, 60x45cm, £450
Palmhouse 1
Trevor Banthorpe, Visitor, Woodblock print, 60x45cm, £450
Trevor Banthorpe, Tanks, Woodblock print, 60x45cm, £450
Trevor Banthorpe, Fence, Woodblock print, 45x60cm, £450
Trevor Banthorpe, 10th & 30th, Woodblock print, 60x45cm, £450
10th & 30th
Trevor Banthorpe, 5th & 30th, Woodblock print, 60x45cm, £450
5th & 30th
Trevor Banthorpe, Vista 2,Woodblock print, 57x43cm, £450
Vista 1
  • Eleanor-Woolley-_-Cotswold-poppies-_-Landscape-_-Impressionistic