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Victoria Harrison

Victoria Harrison, artist with Wychwood Art. Victoria comments "I am a London based visual artist. I paint brightly coloured works in different media, exploring themes capturing the beauty of the Natural World. I believe art is central to society. It can change our world perceptions and how we understand each other. This transformative power of art motivated me to become a full time artist. In an age of accessible communication, images are being used in a way that before was not possible and there is an opportunity to exploit this. As a visual artist I wish to seize the moment, and through artistic practice move beyond current demands for daily, examined identities. My practice focuses on the fragility and beauty of Nature and the process of making. I mostly paint abstract landscapes, aiming to capture the delicate balance of our planet, through my visualisation of it. I feel this quality of the perception of Nature, particularly the play of light with colour, contains an important message today. I studied life drawing and painting and was a member of the Hesketh Hubbard Society and the Federation of British Artists (FBA). Drawing is still the basis of my work today along with traditional painting techniques with new ways to explore paint as a medium. My use of colour is instinctive and I study colour theory; very often deciding on the pallet and tones before starting a new piece. I have exhibited throughout London, northern Spain and the USA, and carried out several art commissions. My work has been published in books and catalogues and my pieces are in private and corporate collections in the UK and USA." To discuss any of Victoria Harrison's original paintings for sale please call 07799535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com

Artworks from Victoria Harrison

Victoria Harrison_Leaf Peeping II, Boston Massachusetts, 2019 300mm x 300mm
Leaf Peeping II
Victoria Harrison_Seafoam 2020 320mm x 320mm
Victoria Harrison_Beachy Head, East Sussex, UK 2019, 400mm x400mm
Beachy Head
  • Eleanor-Woolley-_-Cotswold-poppies-_-Landscape-_-Impressionistic