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Wendy Skinner Smith is interested in reflection and the reconstruction of reality. Her paintings are the product of time to stand and stare. Her fascination with paint and surfaces has led her to work into the paint to create textured glazes and strong areas of flat or modulated colour in a highly structured composition. This use of frottage brings the excitement of controlling the accidental. An identifiable image is distorted through reflection and modified perspective. The original paintings are in oil on board. An identifiable image is modified by reflection and/or perspective. In the Manhattan work she was engaged by the ambiguity of reflections contained within the insistent order of grids, alongside a sublime blue verticality. Her paintings explore the complexity and beauty of a transitory world where seemingly solid and monumental buildings reflect a moment in time. The effects of light and glass reconstruct a reality of air and space, on and in, through and back. The images are often inconsistent with a single time with photographic sources being merged from different times of day. The Museum of Modern Art and the surrounding area feature heavily as source material. The predominance of glass makes this a ‘blue’ city with ever changing and often fractured images. Wendy Skinner Smith’s paintings are held in many private collections and her Oxford prints are very popular with many collectors. Some of her limited editions of this series have already sold out. She has exhibited at The University of Warwick and Oxford University’s Said Business School and in London at various Art Fairs (Battersea, Alexandra Palace and Chelsea). She recently took part in the inaugural Oxford International Art Fair in the Town Hall in 2014. Wendy participates annually in Oxford’s Artweeks, an open festivals for artists when she enjoys having visitors to her working studio. To discuss works by Wendy Skinner Smith please contact deborah@wychwoodart.com, or call 07799 535765.