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There are many issues to consider when purchasing an original work of art online, but  we believe that when you are buying with Wychwood Art the issues are largely the same as buying a work in store in a physical gallery.

We take away any of the risks of buying online by offering a money back guarantee within 14 days if you are not completely satisfied with the work of art. This allows you to ensure that the work is as expected having viewed it online and to try the work in situation. So what are the issues that people consider when buying an artwork?

One of the top considerations that people have when they come to buying art from us is whether an artwork is a good investment. This is a concern of major collectors through to the occasional art buyer. With 15 years experience in the international art market at Christie’s and Bonhams, Deborah Allan, our Director of Art and founder is well placed to advise all clients about art investments. Please do get in contact if you have any questions regarding buying art as an investment.

Another major consideration that many people mention to us is what makes a good work of art and what is good value for money. We have been careful to chose artists that have a good technique and produce high quality works of original art that are unique. We feel that buyers can be confident looking through our online catalogue of artworks in the knowledge that whatever work of art you choose it will be of high quality and good value.

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