Three Clays I

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  • About this work of Art

    Emma Bell’s ceramic and porcelain Pot Frame – Installation Piece

    H: 73 x W: 73 x D: 7 cm

    Emma Bell says: “This piece is inspired by my glaze test vessels. As a potter, I am always staggered by how different the same/similar glaze turns out on different clay bodies when it has been fired.”

    “In this piece there are 3 clays which I used (white stoneware clay, grogged red stoneware and porcelain). I used 3 very slightly different white glazes on each of the 46 vessels in the piece using a different technique on each vessel – sometimes dipping the piece quickly, sometimes slowly, double dipping, single dipping and dipping at different angles and some mixing one glaze over another. All this process was done spontaneously and I made many more vessels than I needed – always using just 3 clays and 3 glazes, all fired to stoneware temperatures (1260). When I had collated all the fired pieces, the process of selecting and assembling them in an order began.

    “First I did this out of frame and then when I was happy with it, I put them into the frame but even then, if a group looked good together on the table, it did not necessarily look good with all the other groups within the frame (10 groups in total). So lots of adjustment and consideration to variations of colour and height of vessels. Lots of editing and revisiting needed to be done to achieve the final result. It is like putting in a code which isn’t quite right and you only know that it is right when you go back again and again and every time you revisit it you are pleased with the result.”

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    • Size : H 73 cm x W 73 cm

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