Crocosmia Riot

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    Elaine Kazimierczuk
    Crocosmia Riot
    Original Oil Painting on Canvas
    Oil Paint on Canvas
    Canvas Size: H 102cm x W 127cm
    Sold Unframed
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    Elaine Kazimierczuk Crocosmia Riot. This is an unconventional landscape painting of the exotic plants growing in an area of the Oxford Botanic Gardens called the Merton Beds. These are sub tropical species which are drought tolerant, requiring minimum maintenance. The crocosmia are an intense shade of bright orange-red. I have prepared the canvas with red underpainting followed by fluorescent highlights to convey the riot of dazzling colors and as a contrast to the strong greens. The result is a Rousseau-esque jungle like scene. It would especially good against a dark wall to give that sense of dense tropical vegetation. It is unframed at present, but I would recommend a narrow dark frame.

    Elaine Kazimierczuk studied chemistry at university and taught for many years before becoming a professional artist. She has written and illustrated a series of books on local history besides a monograph on the religious works of the prominent sculptor Peter Eugene Ball, with whom she collaborated on many major commissions. She is a trustee of Midlands-based Ice-age Archaeological Insights and produces visual interpretations of prehistoric people and their environment. In addition to the demand for her landscapes, there is a growing clientele for her portraiture. She has been shortlisted for the 2016 BP National Portrait Award. Many of Elaine Kazimierczuk’s works are based on interpretations of intimately-known localities, frequently, but not exclusively, in her native Nottinghamshire. In her semi-abstract studies of meadows, trees and hedgerows, she achieves a tension between looseness and control, which enables her to convey that intricate assembly of wild beauty. Frequently working on a red ground, which resonates with the vibrant overpainting, she adopts a bold approach, so that there is an evident freedom, just short of capriciousness, either of hand or eye, in the brushwork. Her works represent the ordered chaos of the natural world with energy and vitality. Elaine Kazimierczuk has recently been awarded the Mary Moser Prize for 2018. This is an Oxfordshire Art Weeks prize awarded to a person who has changed career and taken up art professionally later in life.

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    • Size : H 102 cm x W 127 cm
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