Homely Home Farm

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  • About this work of Art

    Andrea Allen
    Homely Home Farm
    Original Mixed Media Oil Painting.
    Oil paint. Printed Cut outs. Painted cut outs.
    Board Size: H20 cm x W20 cm x D 0.5 cm
    Framed Size: H23 cm x W23 cm x D4.5 cm
    Sold Framed in a Lime Wash Box Frame.

    Homely Home Farm is an original mixed media painting by Andrea Allen.
    This delightfully arresting painting with its strong decorative style conveys a dramatic narrative of menacing magpies. The image shows Andrea’s farm cottage and old dairy where she works – witnessing magpies as murderous creatures through the window. Brightly painted in textured oils – this painting is a striking composition and informs us of the printmaking influences Andrea looks to for inspiration. The vivid palette and witty subject make this a truly joyous piece of art.
    Andrea Allen is a landscape artist – she has a studio at home in North Somerset where she lives with her husband, three children and two dogs.
    Andrea’s paintings share with us the joyful experience of walking in the countryside whilst reflecting on her wistful musings of family life – creating imaginative, vivid impressions of the landscape that capture the poetic charm and subtle humour observed in the everyday.
    Her current works use a range of techniques from textured oils, collage, photography and print to depict scenes that inhabit birds, animals and figures telling stories of ordinary adventures in the countryside and by the sea.
    These bucolic images, abundant in character and rich in intricate detail have a unique naïve quality that engages the viewer to observe a simple narrative that resonates with us all.
    It is Andrea’s original style, the subject and enchanting use of colour that make these bright, affordable paintings so popular – she continues to sell her work in galleries around the UK.

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    • Size : H 23 cm x W 23 cm
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