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Andy Mercer.

A work from my BLIP series..

Size: H:41 cm x W:50 cm

Discover new original artworks by Andy Mercer with Wychwood Art. Artist Andy Mercer blurs the boundaries between graphic and 'traditional' art. He began experimenting with creating art digitally in 2006 and since then has been part of a group of artists who have embraced the internet and incorporated digital technology into their creative process. Andy Mercer sees no distinction between art created digitally and conventional methods. "We don't describe music created digitally as “digital music”; it's all just music. I think the same applies to art." The former chair of the "artist led" Storey Gallery in Lancaster freely acknowledges the debt he owes to northern artists like Lowry and Major. He also draws much of his inspiration from the uncompromising northern landscapes. However, his art is of the present. His work is full of fabulous contrasts and contradictions. He enjoys the textures and imagery surrounding us on the streets: rusting metals, graffiti, rough concrete, street signs, torn weather swept posters and billboards, peeling and fading, revealing layers that create entirely new images; unplanned and unpredicted the raw material of our recycled, re-used re-invented world. Mercer's layers of line, shape, colour, graffiti, and personal mark-making are crafted into an atmospheric patchwork of urban life. He enjoys building complex realities rich in the patterns and rhythms of suburbia. They evolve as naturally as a Klee, constantly changing and giving us an organic picture that weaves the fabric of society into his work. Like all artists, the social commentator is prevalent in his work with powerful messages and radical thoughts. Andy loves to exhibit his work in unusual non-art locations, his work has been displayed on the large LED roadside LED display boards across the USA. If you would like any further information or to discuss any of Andy Mercer's artworks please contact or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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