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  • About this work of Art

    Lisa Takahashi.
    Breeze- limited edition linocut. This work of art is an edition of 100 and is sold unframed.
    The image size is H: 61cm x W:89cm. The paper size is H: 70cm x W:100cm.

    ‘Breeze’ is the result of a whole melting pot of different ideas. I had recently been very excited by looking at the monochrome prints of the Liverpool Shipping Docks by Edward Wadsworth (1918). I really wanted to see how much I could describe about a subject in just one colour, and wanted to create a bold image that instantly transported you somewhere. I wanted it to be ambiguous as to whether this was an image of one cyclist charging through the landscape or a group all cycling together. Influences aside, what I really wanted to create with this print was an image that depicted the majesty of the English landscape, and what it feels like to cycle hell for leather through it – the exhilaration of speed combined with the awe of the environment. I Imagine the scene to be set on an early Summer’s morning one Sunday in Dorset, although that’s open to interpretation! Finally the depiction of the sky is my little nod to Japanese woodcut printmakers such as Hokusai who would always describe the sky of a landscape to have a very dramatic tonal shift from dark to light as it meets the horizon. I printed ‘Breeze’ using a Cobalt Turquoise which I think will look lovely in a light-filled room.

    Image size: H:61cm x W:89cm
    Sheet size: H:61cm x W:100cm

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    • Size : H 70 cm x W 100 cm
    • Lisa Takahashi Breeze Wychwood Art 2