James Bartholomew, Terns Over The Point, Limited Edition Signed Print, Seascape Art, Paintings of Breaking Waves,

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  • About this work of Art

    James Bartholomew
    Terns Over the Point
    Limited Edition Signed Giclee Print of 195
    Image size:H 35cm (14″) x W 87cm (34″)
    Signed by the artist.

    Terns Over the Point is a limited edition giclee print by James Bartholomew. The piece depicts waves breaking on the rocks.

    James Bartholomew works on a comparatively large scale (typically 70cm x 50cm or bigger) which allows for a loose approach. – Much smaller and I find the process becomes a bit fiddly! I mostly work in pastel & watercolour together, the mediums soon becoming mixed up. The pastel will sometimes get wet and moved around within the paint, becoming simply a pigment. Other times it is used over the top of the dry paint. Through this method, the vibrancy can be reintroduced with the pastels and the painting can be changed at any stage. This leaves plenty of room to experiment on the surface without worrying about spoiling the painting, which I find quite liberating. I have also recently discovered a new love for painting in acrylic. I find the vibrancy and depth of the pigments particularly good for my marine subjects and the intense hues sometimes found when sun combines with sea water. I try to create paintings that are as uplifting and inspiring as the subjects are to me and to convey the energy and vibrancy that draw me to them. The things I paint are basically the things I love. From breaking waves on the Cornish coast at first light, to vibrant, crumbling Venetian facades. From a storm arriving into a sharply lit Lakeland valley, to a drooling 1000kg Hereford bull! I have a love for the outdoors, for animals and for nature in general. I am fascinated by the interplay between a subject and light and how changing weather can alter the essence of something so completely. Strong light, and the resulting colours and shadows, are often the inspiration and form the starting point for a picture. While my paintings cover several subjects, the approach is fairly consistent. The way I paint is quite energetic, with gestural, spontaneous marks and sweeping strokes. Since many of the subjects I choose are ‘moving’ (sea, skies, animals), the marks hopefully convey some of this motion and energy and give the paintings their liveliness. I spend as much time as possible outdoors and when I’m not painting, I enjoy running, competing in triathlons or canoeing, usually with my family and my little Springer Spaniel, Jess, who comes with me pretty much everywhere.

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    • Size : H cm x W cm
    • terns_over_the_point by James Bartholomew, limited edition print, seascape art, pictures of the sea