Ad Moldu Skaltu Verda – Still Skeleton White

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  • About this work of Art

    Kristjana Williams
    Ad Moldu Skaltu Verda – Still Skeleton White
    Limited Edition Print
    Giclee print on Paper
    Edition of 275
    Size: H 55cm x W 27.3cm
    Sold Unframed
    (Please note that in situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look).

    “We watch as the skeletal being steps out of its everyday skin, and embraces the cacophony of emotions associated with the act of travelling; emotions swept along by the mind in a cloudburst of anticipation, impatience and nervous excitement. They are deeply felt – right down to the bone – whilst the head is literally up in the clouds, immersed in a surrealist adventure. Time stretches and contracts as inescapable jet lag plays havoc with circadian rhythms.

    Melodic sounds are released from the heart as it sings at the prospect of what lies ahead; daydreams promising to realise themselves, and past hurts healing naturally, grown over with fresh shoots, leaves and flowers. Travelling opens up the entire mind and body to new possibilities, and heightens the appreciation of our natural surroundings. Impatient butterflies escape from the unlocked stomach and reel around the skeleton in elated confusion.

    Around its feathered feet, yet more clouds; the skeleton is walking on air. Having such light feet makes long distances seem much shorter, but also imparts the sense that you are no longer grounded and not quite yourself. Jet plane travel gobbles up the skies and blurs the usual confines of life…”

    Born in Reykjavik in 1974, Kristjana spent much of her childhood looking out over Iceland’s spartan landscape of black sand and frozen seas, dreaming of new worlds filled with abundant animal and plant life.This wanderlust fostered a love of maps and botanical engravings which, after completing her degree in graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins in London, became the foundation of Kristjana’s work. Described by the New York Times as part of the ‘new antiquarian movement’ her fine art pieces, prints, fashion and furniture see vintage illustrations of exotic animals and insects layered over lavish foliage and antique maps to reimagine fantastical new creatures and what she calls ‘wishful forests’.These whimsical two- and three-dimensional tableaus have won Kristjan many international awards including The Pent awards, D&D in book, Clio Award and first prize in the New York Festivals Grand Prix. Kristjana is currently working on a commission by the Victoria and Albert Museum for the new Alice in Wonderland exhibit starting June 2020. They are a long standing collaborator and we are about to do some further work with them for the new V&A in Dundee as well as a commissioned diorama about their beloved Library / Reading room in London.

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    • Size : H 55 cm x W 27.3 cm
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