St James’s Park with London Eye

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  • About this work of Art

    Jennie Ing

    St James’s Park with London Eye

    Limited Edition Linocut Print

    Edition of 20

    Image Size: H 45cm x W 33cm


    Sold Unframed

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    St James’s Park with London Eye is a limited edition print by Jennie Ing

    My art is inspired by a big interest in architecture.  I love the shapes, sounds, colours, and smells in the built up area.  I love the way there is always something behind and your picture is already cropped.  The city is full of secrets to be discovered, round every corner there is something new.   As a child I thought I wanted to be an architect, but I was told I had to be good at maths and filling my maths exercise books with doodles and drawings, it was pretty obvious that perhaps I was going in the wrong direction.  I concentrated on art but it was some time later before I undertook higher education training.  After completing a foundation course in art and design at Richmond College, a magical year, I went on to do a BA in Fine Art Printmaking and Book Arts at Croydon College.  The built environment crept into projects at any opportunity and my final piece consisted of some large canvases in blue and orange transcending a reality which came about after a study of high rise post war mass housing.  My dissertation discussed the truth behind a photograph where I looked at the work of Andreas Gursky and his huge photographs bringing in the theory of the sublime and especially looking at Kant’s writings.  Despite painting at this stage it was printmaking I wanted to continue with and I undertook at Masters Degree course at Wimbledon School of Art, after which I bought a Victorian albion press and set up my own studio space.  My new career as a printmaker was properly born!  The press wasn’t big and I produced many series of small prints.  They could hang well on their own but also look good as sets.  Architecture and urban themes continued to be the main driver, with a focus on much loved landmarks, and blue and orange colour combinations recurring regularly.  London was a big focus but other cities too, with a range of Birmingham prints being worked on over time.  A few years ago I bought a bigger albion press and had it installed in my little studio.  It’s given me a great opportunity to shift the focus and take a wider viewpoint.  I still have a love of the urban landscape but I’m also looking at rural themes, inspired often by the landscape a little to the south west of London where I’m based.

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    • Size : H 33 cm x W 45 cm
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