Louise McNaught, Stay True

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  • About this work of Art

    Louise McNaught

    Stay True

    Limited Edition Giclée Print

    Edition of 50

    Image Size: H 60cm x 60cm


    Sold Unframed

    This piece is a visual metaphor about staying true to yourself using the image of an albino stag, thus being a freak of nature and yet beautiful just the way it is. The butterflies echo the message in that they are also albino, and symbolise freedom and transformation…

    Louise‘s creations feature nature and animals, where the animals are God-like, sublime and ethereal in their presence and depiction. McNaught’s work is motivated by emotive and spiritual experiences which has manifested in a mixed-media approach. Her soft style suggests a delicate relationship between nature and ourselves, making a clear point about man’s destruction of nature – which flutters jewel-like in the balance. When focusing on endangered species the imagery often takes on a duality of not only what is happening to the animal itself, but also reflects how we feel psychologically about the effect the human race is having on these species. Her focus on endangered species has manifested in a book called ‘Survival’, which Louise created with worldwide publishers Big Picture Press in September 2018. The idea came from the Solo Show Louise was doing with George Thornton Gallery in 2016, also called ‘Survival’. The book shows 20 endangered animals painted by McNaught, with facts about the animals plight and conservation efforts. ‘Survival’ is sponsored by the well-known charity Tusk.org with proceeds of the book going toward helping their cause.

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    • Size : H 60 cm x W 60 cm
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