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  • About this work of Art

    Simon Tozer
    Swimming Club
    Image size: 48 cm x 32.5 cm (18.75 inch x 12.75 inch)
    Sheet size: 69 cm x 48 cm (27 inch x 18.75 inch)

    This work is an edition of 10. The surrealist print depicts onlookers standing on a jetty at a swimming club. A swimmer enters the foreground of the piece shrouded in a towel after a quick dip.

    Simon is currently working on imagery relating to the sky and sea. The images are a response to the idea of expansiveness: drifting clouds that cross the elemental boundary of land and water, and the reorientation of the sense of self that occurs when, on arriving at the ocean we encounter that vastness of space and the hypnotic attraction of the sea.

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 48 cm x W 69 cm
    • simon-tozer-limited-edition-print-detail-screenprint-signature-title
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-full-image-wychwood-art-detail-6
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-full-image-wychwood-art-detail-8-edge
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-full-image-wychwood-art-scale-back
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-full-image-wychwood-art-scale-front
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-1
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-3
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-4
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-5
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-9-wychwood-art-seagull
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-10-wychwood-art-angle
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-11-wychwood-art-angle-edge
    • simon-tozer-swimming-club-limited-edition-print-screenprint-detail-12-wychwood-art-swimmers