The Cormorant

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  • About this work of Art

    Tim Southall
    The Cormorant
Limited Edition Silkscreen Print
    Silkscreen Print on Paper
Image Size: 40 cm x 60 cm
    Sheet Size: 52 cm x 72 cm x 0.01 cm
Sold Unframed

    ‘The Cormorant’ is a limited edition print by Tim Southall. ‘The Cormorant’ is a seven colour silkscreen print which captures a snapshot of a scene at the beach. The central figure of the cormorant is drying it’s wings following a deep water dive to catch fish. This is a classic pose of the cormorant. In the foreground a crab and a sanderling go about their business hidden from the view of the bird.

    This 7 colour silkscreen is printed on Somerset Velvet, a heavyweight 300 gram handmade paper from St Cuthbert’s Mill in Somerset, and is in a limited edition of 50.

    A colour silkscreen print is created by building up an image with several layers of individually printed colours. This process is called colour separation. Each colour has its own ‘positive’ which is made on acetate or tracing paper (see photos for reference) which is then exposed to a UV light with a screen coated in photo-sensitive emulsion.
    Tim Southall studied Fine Art at Northumbria University and then printmaking Royal College of Art and l’école des beaux art, Paris. Based in London for twenty years, he now splits his time between London and his house and studio in Cadiz Province, southern Spain. The base upon which he builds his work is metaphysics: existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility. Using these guides, he express’s how he see’s and experiences the world. This he does mostly through the use of narrative within a landscape using either the human or animal form to create a narrative. He strives to make work which is delicate and shows a lightness of touch along with an eye for detail. He also uses the language of drawing and mark-making in an attempt to describe emotional depth and atmosphere.

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    • Size : H 40 cm x W 60 cm
    • The Cormorant Framed
    • The Cormorant side view2
    • Cormorant Detail 1
    • Cormporant Detail 2
    • Cormorant Detail 3
    • The Cormorant Detail 4