Tony Terrell

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  • About this work of Art

    Agent X
    Tony Terrell
    Limited Edition of 125
    Mixed Media on Paper
    Sold Unframed
    Paper Size: 76 cm x 76 cm x 1cm
    Please note that in situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look.
    Tony Terrell is an Limited Edition of 125 by Agent X.
    For ‘Tony Terrell’, Agent X has created a bright and brilliant mash-up of iconic Pop Art aesthetics and digital collage techniques. In homage to the work of Roy Lichtenstein, Agent X intercuts cartoon imagery with panels of poppy pattern, colour, and texture, to create visual harmony out of haphazard composition. Raw, dynamic, and utterly captivating, ‘Tony Terrell’ is a fabulous gem of contemporary printmaking.

    Agent X, cultural explorer and agent of the unknown, creates experimental,
    multimedia collages, paintings, and 2D artwork. Described as ‘Pop Art with thought,’
    Agent X juxtaposes pop culture, technology, fashion, and music in visually complex
    amalgamations expressing the anxieties of the global, post-modern world and the
    dark side of consumerist, media-obsessed culture. His work occupies a unique
    intersection between the aesthetics and philosophy of Futurism, the social critique of
    the Dada movement, and contemporary artistic movements ranging from Pop Art to

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 76 cm x W 76 cm
    • 7Z9JMF9GSS
    • DYMRP39ELO
    • H7Q5BIISKX