A Crisp Sky 1

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    Magdalena Morey
    A Crisp Sky 1
    Original Semi-Abstract Landscape Painting
    Mixed Media on CAnvas
    Canvas Size: H 80cm x  W 80cm x D 3.5cm
    Sold Unframed
    Ready to Hang
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    A Crisp Sky 1 is an original contemporary seascape painting by artist, Magdalena Morey. Capturing the light as the clear, crisp sky plays agains the warm glow of the land and the cool of the water. This original abstract landscape painting by Magdalena Morey uses a mixed media combination of acrylic and watercolour paints mixed with pastels and gold leaf on a 3.5cm deep gallery wrapped canvas. It is protected from dust and UV light by a thin layer of varnish. The painting continues around the sides of the canvas and is signed on the front.

    To discuss any of Magdalena Morey’s original paintings for sale please call 07799535765 or email deborah@wychwoodart.com

    Magdalena Morey has original artworks for sale with Wychwood Art in their art gallery and online. “I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember; as a child I was captivated by the textures and colours of the elements of my surroundings. In my teens I specialised in Textiles for 5 years at art college before studying Painting at university for another 5 years. Many years later, and I am still just as entranced by the worlds of colour and texture!  My aim is to create artwork that intrigues and challenges our initial perceptions. I love the natural world and organic textures, forms and beauty are fundamental to my art. I am particularly fascinated in transient phenomena and enjoy using my art to attempt to capture the essence of individual moments in time. I have lived in Poland, England, Switzerland and now Spain and am passionate about travelling. I regularly start off a new series of paintings using a photo or a memory from one of my journeys as a starting point. As I work on the first composition, I’ll often find a detail or a technique that I’ll want to expand on and will begin a second canvas, and so on, with the degree of abstraction tending to increase with each iteration. Every painting is built up from multiple layers of acrylics, watercolours, pastels and gold leaf, with the goal of creating an interplay of texture, reflectivity and colour. I love using gold leaf due to the strength and vibrancy it brings to my work. Watercolours are often used to tint the metallic reflections, which leads to the colours changing continually with the viewer’s perspective and the lighting conditions.

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    • Size : H 80 cm x W 80 cm
    • Magdalena Morey Abstract Art
    • Magdalena Morey Artist
    • Magdalena Morey Landscape Painter
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky 1 - In context
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky - detail 2
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky - detail 3
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky - detail 4
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky - detail 5
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky - detail 6
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky - side
    • Magdalena Morey - A Crisp Sky - signature

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