The Transience of Spring

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  • About this work of Art

    Amanda Horvath
    The Transience of Spring
    Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas
    Acrylics on canvas
    Image size: 76cmx76cmx3.5cms
    Sold Unframed

    “The Transience of Spring” came from some lovely woods near my home. Soft sun rays play through beautiful leaves creating dappled shadows and sunlight. The painting is a fresh optimistic expression of a beautiful peaceful place. The colours ranging from dark magenta, pink, green and lilac are vibrant and warm indicating a light airy woodland where the light gradually fades towards abstract textured marks in the foreground.

    An original artwork, one of a kind, this painting has been created with high quality acrylic paints on deep edged canvas. I begin with observation of the place making notes and taking photographs to work from in the studio. I paint some base layers with a brush and then impasto techniques layer on layer applied with a palette knife, creating a contemporary painting, which lies somewhere between abstraction and realism. I harness some of the optical mixing techniques employed by the impressionists, also some of the more traditional methods such as scumble and glazes. The painting continues round the sides, a frame is not needed and it is ready to hang.

    Amanda Horvath is a contemporary artist who is influenced by the woods and moors of her home in the Peak District. Achieving a B A Hons (first class) in fine art Amanda went on to lecture in painting and printmaking. Now working full time as an artist from her studio her paintings are informed by the wild landscapes of her home. Renowned for forest scenes Amanda’s paintings are full of colour, texture and contrast, with an emphasis on delicate light effects and dramatic shadows.

    “I have a close connection to the natural world and painting is a response to the beautiful landscape, I attempt to capture the spirit of the land and the ethereal quality of light filtering through woodlands. Through my work I hope to impart the sense of peace and meditative calm I feel in these quiet places. This affinity with nature has grown from childhood and my past experiences”

    An important part of the creative process is to be absorbed in nature, so it begins with walking in the landscape making preliminary notes. These form the foundations of the work translated onto canvas in the studio. Harnessing some optical mixing techniques the paintings are created with layer upon layer of highly textured paint, worked expressively using palette knives and brushes, which results in paintings that lie somewhere between abstraction and realism. Her work has found homes with private collectors worldwide.

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    • Size : H 76 cm x W 76 cm
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