Chapter 2

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  • About this work of Art

    Anca Stefanescu
    Chapter 2
    Bright Contemporary Abstract Painting
    Medium: Acrylic Paint and Ultra-Chrome Inks on Canvas
    Size: 140cm x 90cm
    Frame: The edges of the canvas are painted so this artwork is ready to hang without a frame if required.
    Signature: Hand-signed by artist and dated 2019 on reverse
    Series: Perception Journal

    Chapter 2 is part of the ‘Perception Journal’ still life series. Anca Stefanescu uses symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and geometric proportions. “In nature, we discover patterns and structures from the most microscopic particles, to expressions of life perceptible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos.
    These geometrical archetypes hold in their form vibrational resonances revealing the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability of oneness underlines all geometry in all its forms and reminds of our relationship to the whole.”
    Anca Stefanscu creates metaphysical landscapes as visual guidance to the spiritual mysteries of underlying human existence, considering the relationship of force in the physical, the etheric and astral bodies.
    “I entitled the series “Perception journal” as a reminder that the imagination by decision can create and recreate, construct and deconstruct images ad infinitum.
    Therefore how we perceive the world surrounding us has its roots in our conciseness where our souls reside. The images in what we call reality are but the echo of our own imagination and creativity. We can perceive only what we first behold.”

    Anca Stefanescu is a Romanian artist, working and living in England, whose artworks utilize the combination and interweaving of both manual-painting and digital techniques.
    She presents the human body in partially abstract compositions, creating hybrid images which incorporate both computer-generated elements as well as material ones. By mixing digital with manual traditional painting she follows the idea of creating a half-conscious state for the viewer envisioning exhibits not as a succession of fragments recognizable from reality, but as triggers to look inward into the world of ideas free from any physical limitations.
    Anca Stefanescu’s metaphorical and figurative paintings, explore the notion of identity and the settings that compose the texture of life in contrast with the concept of time and space in metaphysical interpretation.
    “I ideate to create not just objects to be looked at, but an extension of my inner state, an out of the body experience that will give to the viewer glimpses from another dimension… Paintings are solidified feelings on canvas and when the observer is looking at them the feeling is again motion, moving out from the painting into the beholder’s perception.”
    She studied painting from the age of twelve, graduating in painting and conceptual art.
    After exploring performance art for several years following graduation, she came back to painting with the understanding that we are all in pursuit of happiness and joy, of emotions that transcend any egotistic limitations, believing in the energy of colours, in the power of healing since each colour vibration opens channels of communication with the divinity and wholeness within.
    For Stefanescu creating gestural atmospheric paintings of flat grids crosshatched with fluid brushstrokes and pulsating in color and texture has a therapeutic effect.
    “Art is the tangible form of what one mind creates, meaning the artist, for another mind that creates simultaneously, and this is the viewer. Art is no more than a co-creating process of which we can be aware without having the capacity while oriented in a physical body to fully comprehend or perceive with our humanly scenes. Each artwork I create I feel is preordained.”

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    • Size : H 140 cm x W 90 cm
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