Jon Rowland – ‘And a River Flows on Through’ #1 – Contemporary abstract expressionistic landscape.

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  • About this work of Art

    Jon Rowland – ‘And a River Flows on Through #1’. Contemporary abstract expressionistic landscape

    One of a series of paintings that together with ‘And a river flows on through – #2 and #3’ explore the colour, nature and form of this landscape vision, much of which has been determined, not by humankind, but through the force of drought and erosion. Yet the river muscles its way through this to create threads of life.

    Acrylic on canvas


    80 x 100cm.

    Jon Rowland

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 80 cm x W 100 cm
    • Jon Rowland
    • Jon Rowland 2
    • Jon Rowland 3
    • And a River Flows Through
    • And a River Flows Through 2
    • And a River Flows Through 3
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