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Ballerina 1


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Pete Hawkins, Ballerina 1 is framed (82 x 82 cm)and is part of a series looking at ballerinas from a behind the scenes perspective. They are figurative paintings of dancers using the paint to show their poise and movement.

Size: H:80 cm x W:80 cm

Discover original artwork by Pete Hawkins available to by online and in our art gallery in Deddington. Pete Hawkins was born on 7th February 1980 in Panama City. He spent his childhood living in many different countries all over the world.  After school, he went to university and  completed a BA honours degree in Business Studies. In 2005 he decided on a change of direction from his advertising job in London to become a full time artist.   Pete Says: "When it comes to art, having not had any formal training, I had the luxury of not knowing what was right or wrong. After a bit of searching I began to find a path that suited me by using different surfaces to paint on other than canvas became a theme: Whether it’s working on old school desks, doors or floorboards these objects already lend a sense of history to the art work. I like there to be the contrast between sensitive oil painting and rough –hewn surfaces which have been marked and weathered by time. Also, themes looking back towards childhood emerged. Our childhood is such an important time, especially when it comes to imagination.  A Childs imagination is limitless making anything possible. This results in the paintings becoming quite obscure with ordinary depictions of people and objects being put together, to make up something out of the ordinary." To discuss any works by Pete Hawkins please contact or call 07799 535765.

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