Blue horizon

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  • About this work of Art

    Kim Pragnell
    Blue Horizon
    Original Seascape Painting
    Oil Paint on Canvas
    Size: H 45cm x W 70cm x D  3.5cm
    Please note that in situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look.

    Blue Horizon is an original seascape painting by Kim Pragnell. This seascape, Blue Horizon, encapsulates the memory of summers among rock pools, wet rain soaked afternoons, miscalculated shortcuts ending in a rush to shore. The distant blue sky, peeping through the passing rain cloud, offers hope of sunshine to follow, with a surging sea pushing towards the viewer. I paint with a limited palette, trying to capture energy and excitement without the confusion of colours.

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    • Size : H 45 cm x W 70 cm
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    • C9A03BEE-2A28-4B4B-AAEB-EAF82E5A222D
    • DEB948AF-A515-447B-A530-694D7A3015C8
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    • EC53E1D7-EF9D-497D-983F-BFD4C667348A
    • FFD2B9DB-A2EE-4279-9257-DCA83EA8658D
    • A3CFA741-252E-496A-95C9-81AD9AF11A8C
    • 1912C843-F3B9-4647-BB56-243C1916FEFC

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