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Bronzino Blue II


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Bill Bate.
Bronzino Blue II- inspired by the painting An Allegory with Venus and Cupid by Bronzino. He depicted Venus and Cupid surrounded by other figures representing other passions of love against a brilliant luminous blue background.
This contrast’s with the opposing bright light and tones on the bodies of the two swimmers.

Size: H:122 cm x W:92 cm

Discover new artworks by Bill Bate with Wychwood art. Bill Bate was born in Liverpool in 1962 and is a graduate in Fine Art from the Central School of Art London (now known as Central Saint Martins). His artwork focuses on the human form. By the use of dramatic light his atmospheric works are emotional responses to the body in movement, at rest, and the body observed. “I want the paint to have a life of its own and so leave its application quite loose at times. I endeavour to escape the confines that realism can impose, leaving more expression and less constraint.” For any enquiries about artist Bill Bate's artwork at Wychwood Art, please email or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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