Deep Green Under Blue Sky

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    Christo Sharpe
    Deep Green Under Blue Sky
    Original Landscape Painting
    Oil Paint on Canvas
    Canvas Size: H 45cm x W 60cm x D 2cm
    Sold Unframed
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    Christo Sharpe has been concentrating on mainly landscape paintings, which come as aresult of his enthusiasm for walking. ‘Deep green under blue sky’ is a move into an abstract take on the colours, shapes and textures he sees in these landscapes.

    Clear, bold and confident, Christo Sharpe is a lifelong painter who closes in on a subject to pull your attention to the colours, shapes and details in front of him. His strong colours and compositions are delightfully simple and appealing. He is a lifelong painter who after Southampton College of Art and a 20 year career as an art director in advertising is now focussing exclusively on his art. He is an enthusiastic traveller and walker and it is often on these rambles that his subjects reveal themselves. It is not always the classic views that appeal, it can just as often be a gnarled tree trunk, a dense woodland scene or a well shaped country garden that holds his attention. If he can take the subject in front of him and encourage the viewer to see something new and exciting in that image, then he has achieved what he wants in his art. To generate an awareness that might otherwise be missing. This is work that looks and feels fresh.

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    • Size : H 45 cm x W 60 cm
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