Conference Pear, Dani Humberstone, Original Art

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  • About this work of Art

    Conference Pear by Dani Humberstone, Original art

    This fruit has been painted from life using many layers of oil glazes. This traditional technique gives both depth and luminosity. The painting comes in a textured dark wood frame.

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    • Size : H 27 cm x W 22 cm
    • Dani-Humberstone-Pear-Wychwood-Art-Framed-Art-Interior2
    • Dani-Humberstone-Pear-Wychwood-Art-Framed-Art-Interior
    • Dani-Humberstone-Pear-Wychwood-Art-Framed-Art
    • Dani-Humberstone-Pear-Wychwood-Art

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